What is a foggy memory?

by Linus

The answer to that question I thought was pretty simple to answer, but apparently I was wrong.  I try to think back to what I got for my 7th birthday, and I can’t remember.  Is it because of a foggy memory?  I try to think back to remember the girl who sat next to me in 9th grade Spanish class, and I can’t remember.  Is it because of a foggy memory?  I try to think back to remember something positive George W. Bush did during his Presidency, and I can’t remember anything.  Is it because of a foggy memory?  That’s a trick question because W. did nothing positive during his Presidency.  The other two examples however are due to a foggy memory.  I try to think back to remember if I was ever in a helicopter that happened to get shot down by an RPG.  That I can remember as a hard no.  But then again I’m not Brian Williams.

I didn’t really start following this story until a few days ago but in that short time it is quite apparent to me that Brian Williams thinks the rest of the World is full of idiots.  From what I can gather (without really looking) is that Brian made a comment that during his somewhat mediocre coverage of the Iraq war, he was in a helicopter that was forced down due to an RPG (if you don’t know what an RPG is then you should know that Google was invented for you).  Somewhere someone who gets paid to discredit shit like this did his/her (probably his) homework and found out that Brian was lying.  Once this snowball turned into a slightly larger snowball, Brian decided to take a break from doing the news (more on this fabulous little gold nugget in a minute) and came out with this little ditty:  “it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news, due to my actions.”  This is because Stars and Stripes (best news reporting name ever) reported “Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter,” one that “took no fire and landed later beside the damaged helicopter due to an impending sandstorm from the Iraqi desert.”  So to give a brief synopsis, there was a helicopter that was shot down due to an RPG, it just turns out that Brian Williams was not on it (unfortunately).  Now the part about Brian thinking we are all idiots.  He blamed the differing accounts a foggy memory.

Now hold on here.  The gravity of this is really just setting in for me (that’s a lie it actually sat in for me yesterday but I am now just getting around to writing this…so in reality the gravity should be setting in right about now for you.)  Now I can assure you that if I was ever in a helicopter that was forced down by a rocket-propelled grenade (that is what RPG stands for just in case Google proved to be too much of a struggle for you) you had better be damned sure I would remember that.  I was on a motorcycle once and lost control of the front handlebars, flipped over them, went flying through the air and landed on my right side breaking my collarbone due to the landing and scraping up my back thanks to the impending slide along the ground…and I remember that like it was yesterday (it was not in fact yesterday but 24 years ago)…and Brian Williams is trying to pass onto the American public that he has a foggy memory about begin in a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG??

I have never really thought much of Brian William, watching him do the news is like getting a glimpse into the future when all the news will be reported by robots.  Robots that were assembled in China.  I can just picture the irony there, robots made in China telling us about how China is going to overtake the Word.  The guy is like a cardboard cutout that can move his head and talk…he has about as much personality as a deaf mute.  I’ve actually met a deaf mute that is more lively than he is.

This could just be another instance of how a celebrity just happens to think they can get away with saying whatever they want since they are a celebrity and they know that people will believe whatever they say, or it could be a case of Brian Williams eating too many paint chips when he was a kid.  Whichever instance it is, I can only hope that Brian’s brief sabbatical turns into a permanent downward spiral.  There is a fledgling cable network somewhere in Canada that has his name all over it.  I can just see the news story now…there’s a hidden camera and it shows Brian walking into a living room somewhere and boom, out pops Chris Hansen!  Brian would start mumbling something about how he was meeting a fan to sign some autographs, it would be great.  A personal note to Brian…when you go please take Al Roker with you…and bring a sweater, it’s cold up in Canada.