Headline of the Day

by Linus

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said that “Missing Boy Found Alive in own Basement” was the best headline ever? It still is. Today I found this little beauty though…”A Man Accidentally Killed Himself While Taking a Selfie.” What’s even better than the headline is how he killed himself. He was waving a gun around while taking a picture of himself and the gun accidentally went off. I would argue though that the gun didn’t accidentally go off…this was simply someone’s (you can fill in the blank here) way of doing the world a favor by removing this stellar individual. In related news, the Darwin Awards have been cancelled this year after an overwhelming outcry to give this young man the award were received. And I thought social media was stupid. If it weren’t for social media, I would have gone through my whole life thinking there wasn’t someone more stupid than the guy who got trampled by a bull while taking a selfie during the running of the bulls. On second thought, social media is stupid. In fact…so are selfie’s…there could be a future post dedicated to this new phenomenon.