Earth Day

Today is Earth Day 2014. The only day I like better than Earth Day is Arbor Day. Today is all about creating a sustainable, healthy environment by making your neighborhood greener. I’ll bet you’re not going to do any of that, are you? I’ll bet you didn’t even know it was Earth Day today. I’ll bet you’re going to do the same thing you normally do. I’ll bet you’re going to throw that paper in the trash instead of recycling it. I’ll bet you’re going to leave that light on when you leave that room tonight. I’ll bet you probably left the water on while you were brushing your teeth this morning. I’ll bet you took an extra long shower this morning. I’ll bet you rode in an SUV this morning. I’ll bet you didn’t car pool this morning. I’ll bet the lights are on in your office right now. I’ll bet they don’t need to be. I’ll bet you don’t know what a Howitzer is. I’ll bet you just went to Google now. I’ll bet you don’t know what it takes to get the Energy Star logo on something. I’ll bet you don’t care either. I’ll bet you’ve never looked into what it would take to have solar panels on your house. I’ll bet you wouldn’t want a wind turbine in your backyard either because you think it would make your yard look ugly. I’ll bet you’ve had tuna fish within the last month…how was that tuna caught? I’ll bet you didn’t know the average U.S. family waste’s 33 lbs of food each month. I’ll bet you’d reach for a plastic water bottle before a re-usable one because it’s easier. Why don’t you try cleaning the pacific garbage patch, there’s nothing easy about that. How are you feeling about yourself now, pretty good?

Do you know when Arbor Day 2014 is? It’s this Friday, now get off your ass and go buy a tree to plant.