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Month: September, 2013

Fear the Tea

There was a time when I thought I wanted to go into politics, heck part of me still wants to, but then I live this political nightmare that we are going through and I have to smack myself so I start to think straight. I prefer coffee over tea, but the tea I think you should be afraid of is not Earl Grey, it is the beast known as the Tea Party Republicans and that future Kleenex spokesman himself, John Boehner. These yahoo’s are more than likely to cause the U.S. Government to shut down because they can’t get their way with healthcare. So put another way, they would prefer the U.S. Government shut down instead of providing their citizens healthcare. If you think that is bad, wait a few weeks until we approach the day when we run out of money and can’t pay the interest on the mountain of debt we have…that day is only a few short weeks away. Now I realize that a lot of these is simply posturing by those spoiled cry babies, but a shut down even for a few days goes against everything this Country was founded on. This Country needs more smart people to go into politics, people who live in the middle and are willing to work with others to help make this Country a better place to live. The last thing this Country needs are these right wing nut jobs who want to come in and blow the whole thing up. Think that political party has some merit to them? Did you get a chance to check out Sarah Palin? That chick melted faster under the heat than a stick of butter in a frying pan.

I don’t know if the answer is a bigger Government, or a smaller Government…but what I do know is that what we’ve got now isn’t working. Once these moron’s get elected, it is all about them. There are so few elected officials out there that are actually fighting for their people. The only thing they care about is getting re-elected. They are there to serve their needs first, then they serve the needs of their constituents who funded their campaigns, and then they try to make it look like they care about the middle class people who live in their districts. They write bills that are thousands of pages long, that have so many loopholes and contingent bills tucked in that the main reason the bill was drafted gets completely lost. They cut side deals with other politicians that say I’ll vote for your cause if you vote for mine. They take money from special interest groups that try to turn these spineless worms into puppets.

So what’s the solution? The easy answer is that you are. The reason why that answer is easy is because it is wrong. Don’t think for one second that because you can vote 1 way or another that you have any control over who is in office because you don’t. The electoral college controls that. Want to vote for someone you do have control over…then focus on the smaller elections, the ones that control your County Executive, or your Town Supervisor, that is how you can make a difference. Our President is nothing more than a figurehead who can’t even control what color tie he will wear. Look at what Obama has done with his 2 terms…nothing! Any we gave him a Nobel Peace prize for that…how dumb are we!?!? By the time the President actually passes a law and the effects of that law actually trickle down to you, you’ll probably be dead. Focus on someone who actually has the ability to make an impact in your neighborhood, that way you can actually control something that will have an impact on you.


I Love UPS

I went to ship something via UPS today and as I am putting said item in the box, I happen to notice the instructions on the box.

They read as follows:

Here’s how to seal this box:
1 – Fold in side flaps first, then fold down this bottom flap.
2 – Remove strip covering adhesive on top flap.
3 – Fold down top flap.
4 – Press firmly to ensure a secure seal.

Let’s be honest here, if you can’t figure out how to assemble this beast that is the UPS box, then go ahead and ring your call button so Tommy can come back there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer because you are a retard!

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