Head Scratcher of the Day

by Linus

So there is all this talk now about gun control, and keeping guns out of schools…so what is the latest proposal??  To arm at least 1 person in every school with a gun.

So let me see if I understand.  You want to keep guns out of schools by bringing guns into schools?  Oh wait, you’ll put them in the hands of qualified people…people who have undergone 40 hours of training.  Oh, ok.

Assuming that proposal passes…how long do you think it will be before some kid in some school in rural middle of no-where Kansas is able to over-power the individual with the gun and take it?  Some kid out there who is proficient in Jiu-Jitsu taking down the principal and arming himself…I can see the lawsuits coming already.

You ever wonder why our Country is headed in the dreadful direction it is headed in…it is because of morons coming up with moronic proposals like this.