Head Scratcher of the Day

by Linus

Saw this headline on ABC News’ website:

“Coroner Releases Cause of Death in Lion Attack”

Hmmm…I wonder what the cause could have been. Maybe she died of old age, nope, she was only 24 so I don’t think that was it. Maybe she died of lung cancer, no that couldn’t be. Was it a car accident, I don’t think so. Maybe the cause of death was getting attacked by the lion…yes, I think that was it!

Let’s for a second just take this one step further. Maybe she shouldn’t have been in the lion cage in the first place. Maybe she shouldn’t have been in the lion cage talking on her cell phone. You want to know what is really sad about this case? The authorities actually shot the lion and are now performing a necropsy in an effort to determine what caused the attack. *sigh* Some idiot goes into a lion cage, idiot decides that instead of paying attention to the ferocious beast (or being really smart and not going in the cage in the first place), she is going to talk on her cell phone, idiot gets attacked, idiot dies…and these scholars decide to shoot the lion.

Never really been a big fan for killing animals for following their instincts. But removing idiots from existence…i’m a huge fan of that!