Gas Shortage?

by Linus

How is there a gas shortage on Long Island?  How are there stations with no gas?  I understand how stations have no power…but how can a gas station have no gas?  There is a station near my house that had power immediately following the storm, but ever since then they have been closed because they have no gas.  This is not a local podunk station, it is a Hess station…so why don’t they have gas?  If I worked for Hess and I knew that one of our stations had power, a light bulb would go off in my head, something would tell me to make sure this station constantly had gas.  If our normal procedure was to send a truck every 4 days, I would make sure to send a truck every 2 days, or every day even just to make sure the station never ran out…but apparently this is not happening…because as of this morning, that Hess station is still closed.  I’m not naive enough to think that Hess doesn’t have the gas, they have giant storage tanks with this stuff, they have the gas, but for some reason they aren’t sending it to Long Island.

I’m clearly frustrated, as everyone is.  I waited 45 minutes this morning (in 32 degree weather) for a LIRR train, and all the trains that stopped were packed, standing room only…no room for us.  So I decided to head back home.  I stopped to fill up, and at first I was excited because I was the 10th car in line.  Well after about 15 minutes the person from the car in front of me decided to go ask what was going on, it turned out that station had no gas…and never felt the urge to tell the people waiting in line they had no gas.  I found another line, but I didn’t feel like waiting 2 hours.  So all that gets me back to my original question, how can these stations have no gas?  How are they well paid oil executives so asleep at the wheel?

Do you know how you combat a gas shortage?  YOU SEND MORE FUCKING GAS!!!  Get it?