Who is Alex Trebek

by Linus

That is of course the answer, with the question being…who I want to come back as when I die.  I am an avid Jeopardy fan, have been for years, and the more I learn about him and the show tells me that he has it made!

They shoot multiple episodes a day, and for the most part, they are shot in real time.  So for the span of a month or so, he does actually work…not hard, but a lot.  They will shoot an episode, Alex will go back and change his suit, and the returning contestant will change their clothes, then two new contestants will be ushered in and they will shoot another episode.  They can get through multiple episodes in a day so do the math, it doesn’t take long to get through the whole season.

In addition to that, the guy is actually pretty smart.  I can’t comment too much on his intelligence prior to him hosting the show, other than knowing that he graduated from the University of Ottawa with 2 degrees in Philosophy…but he has clearly gotten smarter as the years have gone by.  The evidence presents itself when contestants give wrong answers or mis-pronounce a word, more often than not Alex is there to correct them.  ‘Oooooh, I’m sorry, Nicholas I died of pneumonia, it was Nicholas II whose family was killed by the Bolsheviks in their basement…pick again Emily.’

So when you boil it all down, the guy gets paid millions to travel the world, learn new things, and to work 2 months out of the year.  Not bad for a guy from Canada ‘eh?

Who would you like to come back as?