Head Scratcher of the Day

by Linus

I am very excited for the Olympics to start in London. I am a huge fan of both the summer and winter Olympics, partly because I get to watch sports that I rarely if ever watch other than during the Olympics (think curling). But there is also a certain pride that comes with cheering on good ole team USA, it is definitely more special that sitting in the Garden to watch the Rangers beat up on the Devils. I know not everyone shares my love of the Olympics, nor my Country cheering pride, but who is the moron who gave the ok for Team USA’s uniforms to be made in China? Will this idiot please stand up to be acknowledged…and beat up? We’re talking about the ultimate Country vs. Country show down, 4 years of bragging rights on the line, we’re way past the line of my dad can beat up your dad, this is as big as it gets, we’re going to go in there and show every other Country that we are the best, that we can kick their ass in any sport…and we will be doing so in duds that come from the orient!?! Now I have nothing against China, I thought they did a great job while hosting the Beijing games, I love their low mein, and I wear many a t-shirt that carries the made in China moniker…but again, we are beyond that. This is nothing short of ridiculous. Yet another instance of us looking like a bunch of nimrods. Who in their right mind would give the ok for something like this to happen? Someone is asleep at the wheel…and let’s hope he or she isn’t running the anchor leg in the 4×100 relay, we can’t afford to drop the baton again.