Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts

by Linus

I have to admit that I have a pretty good diet, and by pretty good I mean really good.  On a typical weekday, my food intake consists of this:

9.30am – Bowl of Special K cereal (the strawberry version, only because it is a great buy at Costco)
12.30pm – Ham & Cheese sandwich, chips, 3 cookies for desert (yes I eat this same lunch every day)
3.30pm – Apple (Organic Fuji apples thank you very much)
4.30pm – Banana (fuel for the train ride)
6.30pm – Yoplait light after I walk in the door
8.00pm – Dinner (I do mix it up here, but at least twice a week I have whole wheat pasta, flavored with lemon and other spices, and mixed with EVOO)
Not to mention at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.

I don’t know what the calorie count is for that, but I know that if I ran into that semi arrogant version of myself that graduated from high school, I’d certainly be able to kick his ass now…that’s how good of shape I’m in.  I write this only so I can highlight my one weakness, and it comes when I have a busy morning and can’t take the time to enjoy that bowl of Special K.  My one weakness comes in the form of Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts (*wiping drool away now*).  They’re quick, they’re easy, but most importantly, they’re delicious!  They are by far the best of the many pop tart flavors.  The feeling of total satisfaction is only briefly interrupted by the slightly guilty feeling that I am virtually doubling my calorie intake thanks to two little heavenly pastries.  After I eat them I always find myself trying to walk more during that day to work them off, or drinking more glasses of water to try to ‘wash’ away the extra sugar.  If I were ever on death row, I would seriously contemplate having them as my last meal.  As I write this, I already can’t wait until my next busy morning when I will again get to indulge in the frosty goodness known as frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts…aaagggghhhhh.

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