Legalize it

by Linus

Raise your hand if you’ve smoked Marijuana.  Okay so you’re probably in a room by yourself so you can’t see that pretty much everyone else’s hand is raised too.  It seems only in America could you have a product that is easy to get, and that virtually everyone has used, be illegal.

It seems that the only reason it is illegal is due to the conservatism of our Country.  It’s not hard to infer that not only am I not a conservative person (politically speaking), but that I am also hugely in favor of legalizing this drug.  I really don’t see the harm that would come of it.  I can hear the critics now though, “you can’t legalize Marijuana; it’s a drug, it’s dangerous.”  Why are there such negative connotations around the word ‘drug’?  Is it because they are an addictive substance?  Is it because famous people (and not famous people) have died as a result of using them?  If that’s the case, looks like it’s time to take coffee off our shelves.  And say bye to your car, you won’t be able to use that anymore either.

Marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, and that has been legal for some time.  Why can’t we approach Marijuana the same way we approach alcohol?  Make it legal, set up special shops where you can purchase it (I am not suggesting Marijuana will be located in aisle 7 next to the Heineken), and tax it.  It is so simple.  We are a Country that is stalled economically, always looking for revenue sources, and new revenue sources at that, and this is a product that will give you a consistent stream of sustainable revenue.  I am fine with putting some restraints on it, i.e. you must be 21 to purchase it, while also limiting the quantities that can be purchased at one time, but we have to make sure Government doesn’t go crazy with the rules.  For those of you who worry about people buying it and then trying to sell it on their own, how many people do you see walking down the street trying to sell you a 6-pack of Budweiser?  Sure it will happen on occasion, just as there are people who buy alcohol for minors, but when you think of the revenue our Country will be able to collect from this, you have to take the good with the bad.

There is also documented research that there is a medical benefit from using it, granted it may only benefit people with vision issues…but who knows, maybe there are other undocumented medical benefits for those of us who have 20/15 vision.  Thanks to this, we have slowly begun to take steps in the right direction by setting up medical dispensaries (in certain states) where people who need it medically can get it.  Each and every one of us knows though that there are crooked doctors out there who are writing prescriptions for people who do not need it medically.  There doesn’t have to be all this sneaking around, just wake up and legalize it!

We are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars every year trying to police the drug trade when what we should really be doing is trying to set up a way where we can profit from it.  As usual, we are focused on the wrong things.  We are The United States of Screwed up Priorities. We live in a Country where a person vying for the Presidency has admitted using this product, and I guarantee he wasn’t the only candidate who has used it.  Granted Bill said he didn’t inhale, but come on, we’ve seen Bill, you know he was sitting back in an Arkansas farm house getting high as a kite talking about what it would be like to play the saxophone on a late night television show…mission accomplished!

I’m no drug expert by any stretch, but in my limited experience with this product, using it doesn’t turn you into a raging psychopath who looks to go out on murderous rampages.  For the most part, the result is a very chill environment where people sit around and talk about solving the world’s problems…wow, sounds rough, we should outlaw that.  Just for the record, no I am not using it now.