An Eye for an Eye

by Linus

We have a real problem in this Country with people stealing things, and with people hurting other people.  We also have a problem with over-crowding in our jails.  I think I might have a solution to both those problems.

I read an article a few weeks ago in The Economist about a documentary being made in Pakistan.  The film, called “Saving Face”, is allowing women who have had terrible things happen to them finally speak publically.  More specifically, the article spoke of one woman who after years of abuse at the hands of her husband, finally filed for divorce.  As she was exiting the courthouse, her husband threw battery acid in her face, causing her to lose one of her eyes. 

Pakistan has a similar problem that we do, an inadequate judicial system.  What do you suppose happened to that Pakistani woman’s ex-husband?  The answer was that he was actually sent to jail (for 14 years) thanks to a new law.  Do you think justice was applied?  I for one can say that I do not think justice was served.  I am one of many who believe that acid should be thrown in his face, an eye for an eye.

What should happen to someone who is found guilty of stealing something?  My answer is that their hand should be cut off.  Does it sound barbaric?  Well then ask yourself if you think it would curb crime.  Is it going to completely eliminate crime, no, there will always be stupid people walking around, but I guarantee it will cut down on it…no pun intended.

I know what you’re saying now, “so we would have less people in jail, but more people walking around with one…or with no hands, right?”  The answer to that question is yes.  So what happens to someone who has been caught stealing twice, and thus having been left with no hands?  For one thing, they just made their life a lot more difficult.  As far as how they survive, how they work, how they contribute meaningfully to society, well that’s their problem.  The tough answer is that they should have thought of that before stealing.  If they aren’t able to make it, if a lack of hands means they can’t work, so they lose everything and end up on the streets before ending up in the morgue, well that’s called Natural Selection.

What’s the alternative?  It’s the current system, we put them in jail, spend our tax dollars to try to reform them before letting them out and hoping they don’t commit another crime.  Hope is not a strategy that I like to employ.  Wouldn’t you rather see your tax dollars go to more meaningful uses within the community, like improving our schools, our infrastructure, or to put more police on the street?  Or would you rather see your tax dollars go to give the guy who stole your car 3 square meals a day, and access to a gym and a library for a few years?  We need to find a way to make penalties stiffer for criminals, because as long as there are repeat offenders out there, that is a sign that our judicial system is too lenient.  Pakistan has an excuse; they are a third world country…what is our excuse?