The Movies

by Linus

To say that movies are not what they used to be is a huge understatement.  On one hand they are better, but on the other hand they are worse.  We have advances in technology that make you feel like you are flying through the air just as the Avatar’s are, but on the other hand we seem to be suffering from a lack of creativity to the point that most of the new movies are either second or third installments of their predecessors, remakes of cartoons that I read about as a child, or movies that have no business being made into movies.  The bottom line is that the movie industry is severely flawed, and here’s why.

There are very few people out there who deserve to make $20+ million a year, and movie stars aren’t one of them.   In most circumstances, the actual stars only work 6-12 months to shoot the movie, then they are off to another shoot.  There is no way that the work they do entitles them to the money they make.  Nowadays we have stunt men to do the serious action shots, we have vocal coaches to teach the starts how to talk, and we have writers to tell them what to say.  So when we strip it all away, this is an industry that will pay millions to have someone memorize words on a page, then recite them…brilliant!

The lack of creativity we are seeing is scary.  Instead of new and exciting movies, we are forced to sit through sequel after sequel, rarely being treated to something better than the original product.  It is the classic mentality of this Country, where we take the easy way out and add another chapter to a story instead of creating a brand new story.  What creativity we are seeing is only with the technology, with creating new graphics, or a new way to tell the story instead of having the creative juices flowing while the story itself is in production.  Most of the movies that are coming out now are simply real life creations of all the comic books we read as children.  They are fun to watch but outside of seeing what technological advances can be brought to a 30 year old story, what motivation do I have to watch?  It’s not like we don’t know how the story ends.  It is nothing more than video voyeurism.

The nail in the proverbial coffin would have to be the price of a ticket.  We have overpaid buffoons reading words that someone else wrote, we have a boring lifeless story, in most cases we have loud and disrespecting people in the theatre either talking or texting, and for all that, I have to pay $22.50 for me and a companion?  I can hardly fault the theatre’s for charging that much, they are forced to by the movie companies…I mean how else are they going to get the funds to pay for their blockbuster movie star?

There are the rare instances when a new movie comes out that I do want to see, and given the choice I would much rather wait a few extra months until it comes out on disc so I can watch it in the comfort of my own home.  We as people have so few chances where our voice is actually heard, but this is one of them.   As long as people continue to pay the outrageous prices that come along with these films, what incentive to studios and theatres have to lower the prices?  As long as the money keeps rolling in, the move stars will continue to demand their exorbitant salaries.  The math is so simple, if we don’t go to the movies then the studios will have no choice but to either re-evaluate the product they are putting out, or lower the price.